Enjoying Blessing My Family

2017 calendarDear FlyLady,

I’m writing to tell you how much I have loved the December HOM.  For the first time in a few years, I splurged and pampered myself in a few ways.  It has been such a relaxing holiday season!

One of the best ways I pampered myself, was by ordering a whole bunch of FlyLady merchandise.  When the big box showed up on my porch, I gave my girls an assignment- they were to choose 1 item per day to surprise me with.    First was the calendar with 2 sets of stickers.  This has been wonderful!  We have only had it for a few weeks, and already the whole family is checking the calendar to see what we have going on.  My kids love to put the stickers on, so when something comes up, they are eager to put it on the calendar.

Next was the Feather Duster.  It REALLY works!  It picks up dust instead of flinging it, and it is long enough for me to reach the top of my curtains, chandelier, etc.

The rubba swisha is so much better than the usual toilet brushes.  It makes my morning swish and swipe much easier- I will be ordering 2 more, and pitching my old brushes.

The list goes on! All together I have 8 new tools that I enjoy using.  8 new tools that help me enjoy blessing my family with a clean, welcoming home. Thank you for all that you do for us!

FlyBaby in Johnson City, TN


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