My Bedroom Looks Amazing

Dear FlyLady,

Just a quick thank you…I have purchased a few of the cleaning tools from you and agree all so far are amazing. Today the feather duster was delivered.I unpacked it, dusted my bedroom..amazing! Looked around to see what else I could use it for.  While certainly not my source of income, music is a neglected passion.

I have a set of electronic drums. They have lots of cords and connections. They are attached to a “brain” or computer and an amplifier.  They have lots of parts. They are a dust magnet. In the past I have spent hours cleaning them. After a few swipes with the feather duster, I looked at them and got out a purple rag. The drum kit will never look new. Nothing you beat on with sticks do..but they look great.  Thanks! Played a couple of tunes til time to go to work..thank you for that too.

Sooo do you think the purple rags can be used on guitars?



FlyLady here: Purple rags are gentle enough for your skin! I keep one in my bathtub all the time. They will be great on your guitar.

Our new FlyLady Feather Duster has an extendable handle for those hard to reach areas. They’re back in the FlyShop now.


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