Not Just For Cold


Dear FlyLady,

I got my FlyLady Water Bottles less than a week ago, and I don’t think I’ve used  them for water yet! Why? Because it’s getting cool up here in New England, and  I really need HOT drinks that I can take with me.

The FlyLady bottles work GREAT for hot drinks — tea and broth stay warm all  day. I got the bottles thinking I could use them to replace thermos bottles  that had come with my lunch cooler, which had fallen apart the second time they were used.

But look! They fit in my bicycle water bottle holder! I’m training for the American Lung Association Autumn Escape Bike Trek and I have asthma (and other medical issues) so sometimes I really need some hot tea when I’m riding on a cold day. Now I don’t have to choose my long rides based on places where I can buy a hot drink — I can take it with me!

I’m not just riding — I’m FLYing while I do it!

New England FlyBaby



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