November Habit #23 I Have a Full Proof Dinner


I love menu planning! I am one of those people who forget to un-thaw things however. So now I have a full proof dinner for when I forget, and as I am making it I take out the meat for the next days dinner (hopefully!). My full proof from the freezer dinner is Tilapia that comes frozen in a bag in individual pieces, and a frozen bag that you can steam of California blend veggies (broccoli cauliflower and carrots)… viola… dinner in a few minutes and no trying to get frozen meat to unthaw in the microwave (yuck!) Thought I would share and hope this helps some other scatter brained fly babies like me!

Also thanks a million for your web site and emails! My mom died when I was 10 and I was a tomboy so I never followed her around watching her clean or helping her. I moved in with my aunt and she was a perfectionist, I never seemed to do cleaning tasks to suit her. 3 kids later and your emails and web site literally saved me! I love the daily tasks, any cleaning blesses your family and the soap is soap philosophy! I put a bit of cheap bad smelling liquid soap in the toilet to soak over night, close the lid, and when I wake up my toilet sparkles!  And no more asthma attacks over heavy cleaners!!!

I recently moved also, I have followed you for about 3 years now, hit and miss but every bit has helped. Let me tell you out of about 25 moves this was by far the easiest because we were not moving clutter!!! I had way less junk to move and literally unpacked boxes in a few days instead of weeks! Everything sorta went back into its original place!!!

Lastly, I just purchased your bottle brush set and your water bottle. I read a few emails with reviews to my husband (he usually rolls his eyes when I mention you) and he said “can you get me one also?” so I loved the buy one get one half price deal! They are awesome! Love them, love you, keep doing what you do, you have truly touched my life!

Flybaby with her head in the freezer in NC, Lily 🙂

Welcome to November – the Menu Planning month. All month long, we are going to learn how to plan our menus to save money and feed our families healthy. This will be a fun habit to learn and to practice.

If you have and recipes you would like to share or a testimonial about Menu Planning Let us know! Send an email to with Menu Planning in the subject line.

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