November Habit #24 Decluttering is Crucial

I just read an email from a lady who was talking about how she is keeping up with kitchen clutter by using meal planning and logging how long it takes her to go through certain items. How inspiring that is to me. Something I hope to adopt after we move in a couple of months . We are going from around 3,000 sqft to 1400 sqft. Huge change. So decluttering is CRUCIAL!! What else spoke to me most was the mention of freeze dried foods. I actually used to sell some but had quit for financial reasons. However ,  once we move I will start again. My intention for talking about it is to share the company information and a testimony of how great the products are. When people normally think of freeze dried food they associate it with nasty tasting unrecognizable foods. But Thrive Life is different. When I was selling it I could barely share samples because as soon as the package arrived my family tore into it and devoured it. They have more items that you would think. Best instant milk I have ever tried. Yogurts, ice cream sandwiches, honey crystals, butter powder and more. We even loved the corn. Oh, and the they have real meat, not just fake meat. So, if you are looking for food storage ,  they are who you want.

I also wanted to say that I am still a fluttering baby. But I have already started slowly making changes and am confident that once moved and  unpacked I will be able to fully use the routines. As I have several physical limitations I was looking for a way to help me get my extremely messy and unorganized house under control without hurting myself or giving up. I found your app and whole heartedly believe in what you offer. Thank you !!!

I of course was also skeptical of the purple rags. Haha. But now recommend them to everyone I can. They are so unlike any other of that type. Far surpassing expectations and quality.

Happy to say also just started using the calendar .  In love with the it as well. Can’t wait to get whole setup of stuff.

Thank you for your efforts and tips from others. Truly life changing!!!

Sincerely ,
New Fly girl.

Welcome to November – the Menu Planning month. All month long, we are going to learn how to plan our menus to save money and feed our families healthy. This will be a fun habit to learn and to practice.

If you have and recipes you would like to share or a testimonial about Menu Planning Let us know! Send an email to with Menu Planning in the subject line.

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