I Got The Job Finished

Dear FlyLady,

Today I received my feather dusters, timer, and control journal.  I LOVE the new FlyLady Feather Dusters!!!  I’ve been de-cluttering all week, 15 minutes at a time, and my big job was cleaning out and straightening my 5 tall bookshelves.

I got the job finished today and then the dusters arrived just in time for me to dust off the shelves and the books.  I am new to your website and program and just love getting the emails.  I’ve made my bed every day this week, kept the kitchen clean, and de-cluttered a bathroom closet, the counter in the bathroom, my dresser, and the bookshelves.

All these jobs had seemed so overwhelming before, but with your system of 15 minutes at a time, it was a snap getting these things done.  I feel so good about my house now.  Thank you so much!!



Winston Salem, NC


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