The Right Tool

Dear FlyLady,

I just received the FlyLady Feather Duster yesterday in the mail! Love it! My main method of decoration is to fill my house with books. I have floor to ceiling shelves filled with books. They make me smile, so I long ago just accepted the “fact” that it would all just remain dusty because a person cannot possibly dust all those shelves. Each week during my home blessing, I would wipe down some of them because something is better than nothing, right?Well, I decided to try out the feather duster. Yesterday, after opening the package, my husband went in the kitchen to clean and I started dusting. I got all of my library shelves dusted, all my door frames dusted, tops of tall furniture, picture frames, and cobwebs in the time it took him to finish up in the kitchen. Not only that, but I did most of it with my 8-month old on my hip.Ha! Who knew it just took the right tool to get it done! Yea! My house is dusted for the first time in ages!Thank you, FlyLady!!


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