It Can Be Done!

Dear FlyLady,

Last Christmas I bought some of FlyLady’s products as a personal present to myself. They cost a lot because they were sent overseas, but I thought I deserved them. The best has been the mop. It is easy and fun to use and does collect immense amounts of cat hair. We have ceramic tile floors and I used to vacuum the whole house every weekend. It took me two hours and at the end of them I was exhausted and I hated everybody. But we have two cats and if I didn’t do it the hair did get everywhere.  Guess what? After working on the habit of mopping ten minutes around the house when I come home from work, last weekend I decided to vacuum, only to find out that it wasn’t necessary: the house was clean!

So it can be done! I do not need to do the hated vacuuming marathon anymore! Ok, I’ll do a little on the carpets (I only have two), and on those corners where the mop doesn’t go, but that’s it!  It was a aha moment!

Somewhere in the back of my mind I believed that to have the house clean I had to be a slave. It isn’t true. It can be done a few minutes at a time! And have fun at the same time too! (my DD aged nine does mop the house with the roller-skates). All you need is the right attitude. But the right tools do help a lot too (I can tell you my old broom did only push the hair around and made it fly into the air).

So thank you very much for your work. It does really help and make a difference!

Anna from Barcelona



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