It’s Not Too Late

Dear Friends,

The holiday season is fast approaching and yes I am pushing you to get these things done so you can cruise through the holidays without being stress out by your procrastination. I hate those last minute marathon wrapping sessions. Every year we promise ourselves that this is not going to happen again and every year we put it all off till the last minute; then we run around yelling and playing the martyr.

Monday we are kicking off our Super Holiday Cruising Missions; you are not behind! Jump in where you are!  Have you downloaded your free Holiday Control Journal? If not go do it now! It is 25 pages to peace this holiday season and yes you can start today. This is my gift to you!

If you just joined check out our Holiday Cruising Section. We have some great ideas for making this holiday season less stressed: From clutter free gift ideas to some funny SHE Shouldn’ts. Take a few minutes to check this out. Get ready to laugh.

December is going to be a filled with fun! Our New Habit is all about Pampering Yourself.

We know there is going to be a lot of cookie baking this year, since your kitchens are always clean, so we would like to bless others with your favorite holiday cookies, candy, and cake recipes.

You can do this too. Don’t feel sorry for yourself that you don’t have time; because you do, if you will spend a few minutes each day with Super Cruising Missions.
Now get all those gifts ordered and start that grocery list of the stuff you are going to need for this baking and decorating you are going to do.
Let’s cruise through the holidays having fun every day!
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