Can’t Help But Rave About Them

Dear FlyLady,

I get your many emails, and read them all faithfully. Since I started Flying two or three years ago, with hiccups here and there, things have improved. Amazingly, when I read the check lists, mine are mostly done: Bed made, sink shiny, everything in place to find in the mornings, no fear when someone calls unexpectedly, because most of my house is company ready most of the time, dinner sorted, laundry done (still working on my office and paper clutter, but it does have a door!)

Just something about your fabulous water bottles. I rave about them like everyone else, how the ice keeps going etc. But no one has ever mentioned the fact that not only does it not sweat, but it does not leak. I carry mine in my handbag all the time, lying down because my handbag is not that big. It nestles between my wallet, iPhone, papers, chewing gum etc. quite safely, and nothing in my handbag ever got damp, let alone wet. And that to me is just fabulous.

Thanks for all you do to help us have a better and productive life.

Chris in Hertfordshire, England
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