Calendars Are For Babies

  calendarsticker Hi FlyLady,

As a mom to 2 dear beautiful daughters under 2, I want to shout another GREAT use for your calendar. I can use a special pen to mark the milestones in my kiddos life like first tooth , first steps, Skype with grandma….

I am a perfectionist about baby books and I like to have the whole page done in one swoop… and with 2 I have missed months because it was not *p*. But the FlyLady calendar is big enough that I can keep up with our social lives and bible studies and husbands work obligations …. and baby milestones…

So now once a month or when I can I can pull out the baby books and make notes of this months highlights because its all in one place. GO ME!!! I can write play dates and special presents… its great

I also use it to track their health .. If someone runs a fever or medicine… IT goes on the calendar. then I don’t look frarazy (frazzled and crazy) when the pediatrician’s nurse asks me “how long has she had a slight runny nose”.

Thanks again.
Mandy in MN

PS: And because of the paper that its printed on – ANYthing writes on your calendar… a plus for she -ness

FlyLady here: The calendar is a must for busy parents. I love that you use the
calendar as a daily diary. Keep the calendars from year to year and you can always refer back to them!

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