I Can’t Believe How Far I’ve Come

Good morning,

I have been “flying” off and on for almost 11 years.  While I felt my feet actually leave the ground about 2 children ago for a whole year and a half, the rest of the time has been more like running w/ a kite on my back and trying to catch the wind and take flight 🙂  At least the sky is light now, instead of the darkness I used to face every day.I just recently started trying again w/ a control journal, although because that term has never quite clicked in my head and stressed me out for some reason, I now have a beautiful 3-ring binder I put stuff in.  It has dividers and holds my menu and shopping lists, bills, kids’ school stuff, etc.  I open it almost every day now.I’m still hard-headed about decluttering.  I still struggle to work in my zone for some stubborn reason.  But meeting you was the best thing that could have happened to my family.  I get emotional when I think of the mornings I dug through dirty laundry, smelling socks to see if they could be worn one more day.  The yelling I did because somehow this was all my kids’ fault.  That is gone.  I have a schedule.  I even dust now because of my beautiful FEATHER DUSTER!I shop on Mondays, do laundry and iron on Tuesdays, bake and cook on Wednesdays, home repairs on Thursdays and mess around on Fridays.  My kids have regular jobs now so they are helping around the house and that helps me stay on top of the mess. We have scripture study every morning and every night and supper together most nights of the week.  I don’t feel lazy anymore and I exercise! I think about you every day and my home is mostly peaceful.  As peaceful as a home full of lots of kids can be.So, thank you.  I still get overwhelmed and think I’m the most broken human on the planet but when I look back I can’t believe where I am and from where I’ve come.Still spreading the gospel of FlyLady here in the Ozarks,



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