I Cleaned My Rag Bag


Dear FlyLady & Crew,

Well, I finally did it! I cleaned out my “rag bag”. I still had old diapers from my babies sitting in there because someone told me they made the best cleaning rags! Now my “babies” are 25 & 23 years old so you can probably guess what these rags look like. Still I hung on to them, and only used them for waxing the furniture.

Well, your Rags in a Bag changed all that. I have a dozen of them! I got tired of pawing thru the diapers and other microfiber cloths that don’t come near to the quality and size of yours to get to the “good” rags. All the old ones went into the trash, today! I only own 12 purple rags now and I feel like a burden has been lifted!

Thanks for the quality products you provide for us!

Fluttering Flybaby,


FlyLady here: You should feel like royalty when you clean! Our Rags in a Bag give us that feel of a beautiful clean that every princess deserves.


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