Keeping My Life Running Smoothly

 Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 1.48.27 PMDear FlyLady,

I saw a testimonial for your calendar, and just had to write in a say – YES! My calendar is a godsend! I am a SAHM who also babysits a precious little girl. Well, on my calendar – b/c the spaces are so large – I have all the info I need to keep life running smoothly:

1. My work hours for the day are written down so I can clock in and out and keep up with my pay.

2. I write down everything my little charge eats and how many diapers we go through so I can report to Mom.

3. Any bills that need to be paid.

4. All my family’s appointments.

5. The dog’s medicine needs each month.

6. All the family birthdays each month, and a reminder a couple weeks in advance to buy a gift.

7. Special zone work to be done for the day.

8. Automatic bank transfers, deposits, etc. so I’m sure to record them when I do my Weekly Financial Home Blessing Hour.

9. When I am supposed to teach a class at church.

10. What we’ll be eating for dinner.

11. Dates with DH.

I also put on there anything special that happened that I want to remember. A little check in the morning and I have no fear of missing something that I was supposed to show up for or remember to do. This is the only calendar I have ever stuck with because of the frustration I’d find in cramming the other ones full. I have so much room on yours and I know I am supporting a cause that changes so many other lives.

If you had told me a couple years ago that my home, life, and body would be as under control as they are now, I’d have cried in disbelief, knowing that it would never be possible. But it is possible, and your calendar is such a beautiful tool for the journey!

Thank you, FlyBaby M in GA

FlyLady here: Using your calendar is about developing the habit to look at it and write down appointments and basic weekly plan.

You will FLY with good calendar habits!

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