The Benefits of Flying


I just recently started FLYing. I admit I have times where doing everything is impossible, but it seems like I always have time for the swish and swipe and to shine my sink!

These two simple things being done help keep me sane and not feeling guilty about not having time to do it all!

Yesterday I first received the benefit of my progress following your program!  I had a unexpected guest drop in and my home was clean!! She walked in and said… “Your house smells good!” I felt like I was more welcoming and more available mentally to visit with her instead of my mind and eyes bouncing from pile of clutter to pile of clutter!!

Thanks for all you do and all you’ve given!  It has been a blessing to me, my house, and my life!  I cannot wait to see where I am a year from now!!

1 mo old FlyBaby,

P.S.  The  feather duster is truly amazing!! I believe my furniture looks cleaner and shinier than when I just used a rag…  It was also fun to go outside and bless the world!!!!


FlyLady here: The new FlyLady Feather Duster has an extendable handle that makes it easier to reach those hard to reach areas. My favorite thing about dusting is blessing the world after I have finished.


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