December Habit #3 How Can I Pamper in December

Dear FlyLady,

This will be my third December/Pamper Habit with you. The first year, when it was all new, I really did a double take when the habit for December was pampering.

WHAT!?!?! Is she NUTS?!?!?! In DECEMBER!?!?!?

I just couldn’t imagine focusing on myself with all else that had to be done. But I had proof that doing things the FlyLady way had really helped me, plus my heels were painfully cracked not to mention ugly! I decided that I could spare a total of two minutes a day for my feet: 30 seconds pumicing each foot when showering and 30 seconds each foot for moisturizing. I had to bathe anyway, right? Within 3 days my heels were no longer painful and after a week they actually looked good and felt GREAT. Amazingly, I felt better! I have kept up with this habit more or less, never letting my poor feet go to the point of discomfort again. This year I started with a professional pedicure so I can just do daily maintenance. AND I am branching out to include my hands!

Of all that I have learned with you in the last 2.5 years, being kind to myself is the most valuable. After that, everything else falls into place! Have a joyous season and thank you!

Pampering in PA

FlyLady here: Many of you think the very same thing as this FlyBaby. How in the world can I take time to pamper myself in December? This is why I made pampering the habit of the month! You must love yourself first in order to have enough love and energy to spread around to everyone else. Not only during the holiday season, but every season!

FLY = Finally Loving Yourself. Are you ready to love yourself? I love you all. Lets FLY!

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