The Life of the Party

Dear FlyLady,

Yesterday, I was invited to a friends home for a lunch with mutual friends. The hostess has a challenging puzzle that we have been working on from time to time over several months – she has left it out on a seldom-used table in her basement. This time, she told me she had been planning to put away the puzzle; they had had an addition put on their house, and drywall dust had gotten all over the basement, including the puzzle. She didn’t have a way to clean it.

Thinking over testimonials I had read, I told her I would bring the solution! You guessed it: I took my FlyLady feather duster with me! Everyone laughed, but it was the perfect thing to lift the dust without knocking the pieces on the floor. As we continued with the puzzle, we would find more dust under sections of pieces, and the duster would lift that up, too.

Then, I noticed that our hostess kept slipping away from our group. Concerned that she was missing the “fun,” I checked on what she was doing. She was slipping away with the feather duster, cleaning other rooms in her house! LOL! I think she had completed the basement and first floor of her home by the time I left (with my duster!). Of course, I left her with your website address, along with a testimonial for the Rubba products, since she also has a new long-haired dog…

Your great products sell themselves – and the FlyDuster is great at parties, lol!! 🙂


FlyLady here: This is so cute! Sneak Dusting!


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