As Good As New

Dear FlyLady,

Just got my dryer kit. My space where my washer & dryer sits is very narrow. Because space is at a premium, I have my dryer on top of my washer. I’m tall, so it works well for me. However, the vacuum attachment doesn’t work. In fact, I broke it trying to bend it so I could use it. Just not enough room.┬áDon’t worry, some duct tape, and it’s almost as good as new. I still have really good air flow, so I’m not going to worry too much. I used the brushes and got some lint out.

But, the narrow brush for the lint trap worked very well for cleaning under the refrigerator. It got a lot of the lint off the coils. It also fit under the washer and I cleaned out most of the dust bunnies that had been breeding under there. These are also places that are hard to clean with the vacuum because of the lack of space. The fridge is right beside the stacked washer and dryer just inside the door to the outside, essentially in a wide hallway that opens into my also small kitchen.

I have been keeping my sink clean, making my bed (most days) and swishing and swiping. I remembered what my mother told me many years ago about wiping the tub dry after using it and started spending 5 minutes a day doing that as well. Amazing how well that works to keep it clean. I hated cleaning the tub and now, I don’t have to! I just wipe it dry and it stays clean! If I could just get on the bandwagon with decluttering, things would be going better.

Fairly new, stumbling, FlyBaby in Kansas.

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