Keeping It Cold, Could It Really Be True

Dear FlyLady, 

OK.. I read the testimonials and thought, “could it be true??” MONTHS later I finally broke down and bought another water bottle. I have about a dozen but none satisfy my need for COLD water. No, they are not all FlyLady ones.

Well the Stainless double sided water bottle is EVERYTHING you said it would be; 48 hours later it is still cold. (forgot & left it in the car). I had to STOP filling the water bottle with Ice first because it was TOO COLD.


New problem. What do I do with all these Other water bottles that do not measure up. I can’t throw them away, can I??

I have learned to love myself, to know to NOT clean til it’s perfect. It’s OK to do, just some at a time. I have a morning routine. The evening routine has been a bit tougher, but I am not going to give up. I just keep jumping in where I am and reading your emails, encouragements; have many stickies on mirrors to keep me going. Because if I don’t do my own care nobody else will!

I have a control journal, somewhere. It is time to start again with day one. No guilt, just let’s do it.

Much love, OH

One of your Clutterers & devoted FlyLady Fledgling, For several years.

FlyLady here: Just because you personally don’t like a certain water bottle does not make it unusable for someone else. Donate as many as you can, but if you think it is not safe or too old to be usable then recycle them. Check the bottom. Do not donate trash to charities. They just have to dispose of it themselves. Trash cost them a lot of money! Don’t add to their problems.

Drink up Ladies! Water is good for us! I never knew I liked cold water till we got these water bottles. The water stays cold and does not sweat on my table. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

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