Run of the Mill

Dear FlyLady,

I have had one of your calendars for the last two years running. I did not have the money around December 1 to get another one, and told myself that I would do it on January 1. Well, it didn’t happen, and I finally bought a run of the mill one.

Last night, I had an important piece of paper with dates written on it (DH’s military staff duty days (24 hour duty), that I wanted to put up in the back of the calendar. I got all the way up to lifting the back of the calendar up until I realized that there was no pocket!! (I use the pocket to hold the important papers, even though all dates and times are written in the correct date; just for corroboration if I need it).

I laughed out loud, and thought, well I better email FlyLady to let her know how important her tools are becoming in our home!

I now know what the first thing will be that I order when we get paid again- my FlyLady calendar!! 🙂

Thank you for stepping out and helping others to get their homes in shape- it really pays off, especially when my DH comes home at 9 am exhausted and ready to get some sleep. I am able to get dressed, get the daily laundry started, and take my son to school without having to bother him because of what you have taught me.

FlyBaby Amy
Fort Hood, TX

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