Everyone Keeps Taking Mine

Dear FlyLady, 

I’m just dropping a note to say how wonderful the stainless steel water bottle is. I just got mine last week and EVERYONE LOVES IT!!!

I left it in my DH’s car for almost 8 hours and the water stayed cold!! My DH’s biggest complaint is that it doesn’t hold enough water for him. He wants to know if you’re going to come out with a 40oz bottle! Both of my DS’s (10 & 11) love it too, after 4 hours of practice they said the water was still icy!! I’m buying 4 more b/c everyone keeps taking mine and I’ve only had it a week!!!

Thanks for helping us go green!

Brooklyn NY
FlyBaby Erika

FlyLady here: I just love our Stainless Steel Water Bottles!

We don’t have any plans to make 40 ounce water bottles. My suggestion is to refill it. That is what I have to do! I wanted a bigger one too. I have to get up and walk to the kitchen and put more water in it. The bright side is I get up and move every hour. LOL

It does keep our water cold. I don’t like mine too cold so I know exactly how many ice cubes to put in for my favorite water temperature.

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