I Checked The Calendar

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 1.48.27 PM Dear FlyLady,

I am very calendar challenged. After college I never used a calendar again. I don’t know why I let go of that good habit. I took a leap in faith and bought the FlyLady calendar. I have been using it for meal planning and everybody was very pleased with that. I was a little afraid of some comments I would get, but instead everybody loved knowing what was for dinner.

My special moment happened last Friday.

Every year my daughter’s school organizes a lunch in their cafeteria so the parents can see and taste the quality of the meals. Usually this is held in June, but for some reason this year it was in October. I had written it on the calendar the day I got the notice and never thought about it again.

In the morning while I standing in front of the coffee machine waiting for it to brew, I heard myself think, FlyLady says check the calendar every morning. I couldn’t believe it, there it was, on the calendar, I had to be at my daughter’s school at lunch time!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! It means so much to me and even more to my daughter when she saw me arrive!!

Thank you Marla and the entire crew for all that you do!!

An American FlyBaby in France


FlyLady here: Are you still calendar challenged? Taking a few minutes in the morning and evening to check your calendar will give you a thrill too. Writing
your events down right when you get them and checking your calendar
twice a day help you gain control of your schedule.

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