December Habit #6 Pampering Makes Me So Much Nicer

Dear FlyLady,

You are an answer to questions that I didn’t know to ask.  I have been FLYing for about three months (with an occasional flutter here and there) and I now hear your voice in my head when the p**fectionism tries to take over.

The monthly habit that is causing the most difficulties for me is December’s.  When I was growing up, my mother was a martyr (with some justification) and trained me to be the same.  Any relaxation/fun was to be done AFTER the chores were done, and while I resented it, I unconsciously absorbed it.

Yesterday, I was cleaning the kitchen, which took longer than normal
(traveling, procrastinating) and i was listening to my MP3 player. Suddenly, it occurred to me that, as a reward to myself, I would put Rock Band II in the XBox and sing.

What fun!  I made up a cool character to be the lead singer for my band and sang for about twenty minutes.  I left work undone and played instead.  The house didn’t fall down and my mother didn’t pop out of the woodwork to tell me I was trifling and lazy.

What I didn’t do yesterday was easily accomplished today and my sink (and floors) are shiny.  I have about two hours of wrapping to finish, which can be done over the next few days.

I’m cruising and pampering and a much nicer person.

Flybaby Lisa in Virginia

FlyLady Rebecca here: If you have Pampered yourself this month, send us an email to inspire other FlyBabies! Send an email to with PAMPERED in the subject line. I will post it in the December Habit so keep a lookout for your testimonial!

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