It Really Does Make Dusting Easier

Dear FlyLady,

I am a somewhat erratic FlyBaby.  Some days I FLY great – others (too many), not so much.  I am a single mom and I work full-time and sometimes I feel like I don’t even have 15 minutes.  From the morning getting up and ready for work/school, working full day, then picking up kids from after-school care, cooking, eating and cleaning up after dinner, homework help and bath time – I often find my first free moment of the day is at 9:30 pm. And then I sometimes just collapse on the couch instead of setting my timer!

Then I wonder, when will I ever become the woman that I want to be?

But I have made little steps along the way that are a big help.  The weekly home blessing for me just can’t be done on a Monday. That night is just too crazy. So I usually do it on Saturday and Sunday.  I know you say to use weekends for R&R, but for me it is more relaxing to do it on the weekend. Since it is such a defined plan, it does not seem like a big ordeal.  I have your feather duster which really does make dusting so much easier!  And if you dust once a week, you never have that much dust to clean up!

I also have made a commitment to shine my sink and never go to bed with a dirty kitchen.  So I do what I can right after dinner, and if anything else needs to be done, I wait until the kids are in bed and I make sure the food is put away, the stove is wiped down, the floor is swept, and the counters are wiped, and of course, that the sink is empty and shiny.  Many days this is the only FLYstep that I complete, but a clean kitchen does make a huge difference.

I have also delegated one hot spot to the kids — a table in the living room that ends up cluttered each night with papers, empty glasses, DVD cases, books, devices, etc. Before bed, the kids have to clean that up — it only takes two to three minutes, but it also makes the whole room look so much better!

I also am trying to “do it now.”  I am such a p-word that I have seen things that can be tossed and thought, ‘Oh good, I’ll save that for my next 27 fling boogie so I can make the 27 instead of tossing now!! Now, if I see something that needs to be tossed, I toss it.  And I had ten extra minutes last Saturday during my errand/activity run —  I thought, oh my what do I do with ten free minutes! I know, fill my gas tank like FlyLady says! Why wait?  So I did!

Some days I get discouraged because it seems like I have so much to do, and I still have some major clutter to work at.  But I am just doing my little baby steps here and there and each one makes me feel so good!

Thanks for your program and for keeping it free!

FlyBaby Debra

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