Purple Rags Have Legs

Dear FlyLady,

This is less of a testimonial, and more of a warning. Purple rags have legs.

I recently purchased two sets of purple rags. I hate to run an empty washer so I decided to hand wash them instead. I started using them right away and I love them. The ones I have been using needed washed, so I thought I’d better just find all 6 and wash them at the same time, because my initial hand washing did not get enough dye out so I decided to do the washing machine.

Well, I have spent 3 days searching my house from top to bottom looking for 2 purple rags. I found four, kept looking and nothing. So I checked the website to make sure they, in fact, come in sets of 3. They do. So what happened to my other two? I have decided they must have legs. They have hidden. If you were a purple rag, where would you be? I have no idea, either, but I sure would like to find them.

So Flybabies should make sure they keep all their purple rags in one spot, or maybe make a list of where you put them all, because they are excellent at hide and seek.

FlyBaby Amanda in WV








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