FLYing and Shining

Dear FlyLady,

 I have been with you for several months now and I could never be happier about my house than I am now. The major things that have made this great change are:
1. The routines. They move things right along from the moment my feet touch the floor. No time for over thinking life in my head, I simply move to the next routine. This teaching of yours is wonderful and I get it.
2. The dust mop I purchased is amazing! It begins my day with fun! The caring for our beautiful wood floors is now easy! My husband loves to see me dancing with the dust mop to music in the mornings so his day starts with laughter also!
3. The rubba sweepa is perfect for the pretty round rug  in the foyer area where people enter our home. Our golden retriever loves to sleep there during the day, he looks so peaceful and he’s an older guy and getting the hair off that rug has never been easier!
4. The purple rags are indeed magic! I placed one in a sandwich ziplock baggie, after writing” Glass” on the bag. I may never buy Windex again. Nothing, absolutely nothing can SHINE the glass mirrors, glass doors and glass table tops in our home like a water WET purple rag…soooooo EASY!  The glass sparkles!
Into another sandwich ziplock bag, I placed another purple rag and wrote “Follow the Feather Duster”! I love your feather duster and have found that it gets the dust and your DRY purple rag will make things SHINE ! I have the duster in one hand and the DRY purple rag in the other hand … soooo EASY!
I keep these ziplock bags, containing the magic purple rags, over my washer and dryer. They are right in the same closet where the sweeper, dust mop and feather duster are kept.
5. The SHINE the sink routine at night has me smiling inside each morning so I’ve decided to just go ahead and smile outwardly! What a great feeling when I walk into the kitchen!!!
Thanks, FlyLady, for helping me to fly and SHINE! Not only do you tell us how it can get done but your amazing products enable us to get it done…so simply yet so powerful!
FlyBaby Judith Ann in NC



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