No Sweat

Dear FlyLady,

I got my order from you this week and the water bottles are AMAZING. I just placed another order for three more for my kids.

I work as a merchandising rep and drive between grocery and drug stores all day. With every other bottle I’ve purchased I’ve filled it with ice cubes and added cold water from my refrigerator. Always the water was lukewarm within two to three hours.

The last two days I did the same thing with your water bottle. The first day I worked twelve hours and there were still ice cubes in the bottle at the end of the day, even though I kept refilling the bottle with more water. Today I worked eight hours and then went to parent teacher conferences at my kids’ school.

My kids grabbed my bottle a couple of times and exclaimed “the water is still cold and there is still ice in it!” I’ve discovered that I need to put LESS ice in it so there is more room for water!

The fact that it doesn’t sweat cannot be emphasized enough.

I live in Oregon and there is a LOT of moisture in the air. My old water bottles would create puddles where ever they went. I would frequently get my paperwork wet.

My daughter complained that her school work would get wet in her backpack. The kids all begged me to get them each one of their own so they can have cold water all day at school without the problems from the water bottle sweating in their backpacks.

The individual carry straps will allow us each to color code our own bottle and tell them apart instantly.

Thank you for offering this wonderful product. Already it has improved my life.

FlyBaby in Oregon


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