Great Solution To Last Minute Gift-Giving

Dear Pam,

My DD Melissa (will be three in August) said to me, “Wanna play with the tattoos?” We hadn’t had any play tattoos for ages. So I asked her what tattoos she was talking about. She pulled up her t-shirt to display on her tummy, Santa Clause, a graduate with the funny nose and glasses, a clown and Uncle Sam. Your stickers!!!

I laughed so hard and she started giggling too. Then, when I looked closer I noticed someone had put eyes on the characters with a marker pen! Who put the eyes on you? “Becky did it.” (She had that look like she was in trouble.) Rebecca is seven and my artistic one.) I called her and when she came in the room she had that look of being busted for getting into Mom’s things. I had her pull up her shirt and had the baby with a pacifier sticker, the teddy bear and Elvis on her tummy! It was so funny to see my DDs with your stickers on their tummies, but then I thought the stickers were probably ruined for using on cards. Not so! As soon as I saw they still remained sticky, I played “tattoo” with the girls to their delight. I also realized we could use them on paper instead of body parts!

Pam, your stickers are a great source of craft play for children and then they can still be used for their real purpose.

Hail to your creativity!
Dawn in Davis, CA

Pam here: After getting Dawn’s email, I proceeded to put a few of the stickers on my body to see if they lost their stickiness and she’s right, they stay sticky! The stickers are like the Mr. Potato Head without the potato AND of course there is the real reason I thought up the idea. A great way to make the holidays easier by giving money in a Christmas card as a gift! Get your Stick it Right on the Money Gift Kit and save yourself a lot of work, time and money. To learn more about them Click Here!

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