December Habit #10 Pamper Myself with Gifts

Dear FlyLady,

I love the Pamper Everyday email that came from Flybaby L today. What a joy to hear all of the ideas she listed. It made me stop and think just what I could do for this Christmas for myself. Thank you for the emails and Thank You ‘Flybaby L’ for getting me going.

As I live away from my children and each of them are obligated to stay in the states where they live at Christmas I thought maybe this might be fun: I seldom have any gifts under that big tree I have because the kids usually send gifts that may not fit under the tree so I think I will give that big ole tree away to a neighbor that I know doesn’t have one and get me a smaller tree. Then I plan to purchase small gifts for my grandchildren (I have already purchased the larger gifts) like coloring books, crayons, sippy cups, rattles, etc. and wrap them and put them under the tree. Then I will have my son set up a Skype session and I can show the children what they got by unwrapping the gifts for them and then mailing them later.

That way I will be pampering myself with gifts under the tree and still being
able to share gift opening with them. Yay! I can not wait til Christmas – usually kind of a somber time because the children can’t come home. I’m excited.

Again, thank you Flybaby L for your suggestions.

Flybaby Linda in Indiana

FlyLady Rebecca here: If you have Pampered yourself this month, send us an email to inspire other FlyBabies! Send an email to with PAMPERED in the subject line. I will post it in the December Habit so keep a lookout for your testimonial!

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