Hidden Treasures Gives You Hope

hidden treasures

By Wizard6 “MJ”GREAT reference book and motivational to get you going and keep you on track. Gives you hope that even you Can DO this! I still flutter but WILL learn to FLY!!!


By Kate from WI

Being a FlyBaby for the last 3 years, I grasped the ups and downs of each person in the book. I started reading Hidden Treasures the evening I received it and didn’t want to put it down–I finished it the next day. I was totally surprised by the ending! This book is light, easy reading, and is a good read for anyone. It motivated me again to start decluttering. Loved this book!


By grgstrr

I enjoyed this book immensely! Yes, there were places needing grammatical corrections, as mentioned in other reviews, but it is highly readable and hard to put down, as well. To me it was a fun read, and very encouraging, as I have struggled with the CHAOS thing for years, and have followed FlyLady imperfectly, and am seeing progress too. Thank you, FlyLady!

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