Nice and Easy Instead of Crazy

Hello Pam

I love your book The Joy of Being Disorganized. You are funny, playful and at the same time very wise. This is the first time I’ve read any of your books. I benefit from your wisdom, maturity and spiritually. It taught me self-love and acceptance. After I read your book, I was able to work with my clutter hot spot in a short time. Wow that was nice and easy instead of overwhelmed and crazy. Lol.

Thank you soooo much,

Olivia M
New York


Pam here: William James one of my favorite philosophers wrote: ”Things are not as they are, but as we are.” When we learn and practice self-love, it changes everything including our outlook, our energy and our attitude. As Olivia said that decluttering was easy and not crazy, that’s what happens when we make that shift. You are so blessed to be a FlyBaby and that’s why I wrote The Joy of Being Disorganized. I want us SHEs to appreciate our ability to be in a mess, to see the advantages to procrastinating and to celebrate our creativity and our love for life.

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