December Habit #11 Pampering Together

Dear Flylady –

As are many others, my SO and I are experiencing a very stressful time in our lives as he now has end-stage kidney failure and will go on dialysis in the next couple of weeks. This type of stress is more than that brought on by clutter. But our lives are different thanks to you.

We are both working on decluttering (on and off), but my morning and bedtime routines are so deeply embedded (thanks to you) that I don’t even have to think about them. Three times a week I lay out two sets of clothes (one for my workout and one for the rest of the day). And thanks to the November habit of meal planning, we are getting healthy dinners on the table nightly. All the clothes that we have shrunk out of are being donated.

I could take several paragraphs on how you have changed our lives. We both needed some pampering to help with the stress. So our new habit is to sit down before bed with a cup of tea (decaf or herbal) and just relax. We bought several loose leaf teas and a special tea steeper last week. It is amazing how great it feels – I don’t know why tea is so relaxing, but it is. I am fluttering more than flying but continue to learn from you almost daily. Thanks for the December habit of pampering!

Flybaby in VA

FlyLady Rebecca here: If you have Pampered yourself this month, send us an email to inspire other FlyBabies! Send an email to with PAMPERED in the subject line. I will post it in the December Habit so keep a lookout for your testimonial!

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