Fluttering With Feathers

Dear FlyLady,

Today, I had to copy some forms and as I was standing by our home copier, I noticed quite a bit of dust.So, I got out my feather duster and dusted. I started with our souvenir shelves in the alcove next the copier, then the copier and the other appliances,then the unit they sit on, then the shelve next to it.  Then, I noticed the leaves of the plant next to the window were quite dusty and before I could think how to deal with that, I found my hand moving the duster over the leaves and the dust just came away like magic!

I dusted just along one wall in my living room and I must have gone outside 5 times to bless the world with all the dust I removed from my home.

Some minutes after I started, I suddenly smiled to myself: I was blessing my home!!

Fluttering with Feathers


FlyLady here: Dusting can be fun! Grab your FlyLady Feather Duster and dance through your home. Go outside and shake out your duster. You will be blessing your home and the world.



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