New Use for the Dryer Lint Kit


Dear FlyLady,

I have enjoyed every single purchase from your shop!  I don’t know if anyone else has given you this testimonial before, but I found a new use for your 3′ dryer brush.  I had spill something between my oven glasses on my oven door.  I removed the oven door, turned it upside down, and I noticed that there was just enough room between the glasses to get the dryer lint brush through.

I slipped an old sock over the brush and sprayed it with a glass cleaner like Windex.  I moved the brush up and down and diagonally, and the food spill was eliminated!  It left behind some lint from the sock, but when it dried, I slid the lint brush back through the slots and between the glasses and removed the sock lint.  It worked great!

Please let me know if you or your staff post this testimonial.  I will share this on Facebook and hopefully, my friends will take a look at your products.

Thanks for all of the wonderful products and tips that you and your flybabies provide.  I am selling my home, and the advice that I have received through your newsletter, missions, and website have been instrumental in keeping the house sparkling clean and decluttered.


Sherri in South Boston, VA

FlyLady here: I am going to have to try this one. I noticed a spider web inside my oven door. I never knew you could take the door off.   

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