A Simple Rag

  Dear FlyCrew,

A while back I purchased some items from the FlyShop. (I LOVE them all, by the way).

One thing I could never bring myself to actually use was the Rags in a Bag. They’re just so pretty and purple. I washed them up and promptly placed them in my rag bin. But, whenever I was cleaning, or needed a rag, I always bypassed the Rags in a Bag. They were much too nice for THIS job! I really don’t know what I was saving them for…..Cleaning for the Queen if she ever came to visit.

I rent. The previous tenants somehow lightly scratched the tub and walls surrounding the tub, and any dirt or soap gets trapped and immediately the whole tub looks really dirty. So, I used to save this job until I could no longer stand it. I tried so many different things to clean this, and it very rarely looked cleaned unless I actually scrubbed for over an hour.

I read emails about people using their washcloths with soap while showering, and I tried this. But I had no luck. Then, I read an email one day about a lady who keeps a purple rag in her shower to clean it after she showers. Could this really work? I read the email a few more times. And every time I thought “How could this rag be any different from using a facecloth?” Then I tried it. I went into the bathroom with washing soda and a purple rag.

It worked! And pretty much effortlessly. It got ALL the dirt and grime and soap scum, and it didn’t take me an hour or more. I didn’t time myself to the minute, but I know I was done the ENTIRE tub/walls in under half an hour. Now, I too keep a purple rag in my shower to wipe down my walls and tub when I am done showering. I also use them to clean the windows, mirrors, walls, TVs, handrails, front door, pretty much they are the only rags I use. AND I can usually just dampen them with water which helps me save money!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! I can’t believe how a simple rag can save me so much time and money!!!!!

Flying in Nova Scotia


FlyLady here: The Rags in a Bag are pretty…but they are tools for you to use. They do work great…and we want you to use them!!



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