New Use For Your Water Bottles

  Dear FlyLady,

We’ve loved your water bottles for quite some time.  They keep our water nice and cold despite the often oppressive Virginia heat and humidity.

My DS (9) was able to use his at church camp earlier this summer and never had to worry about it getting his bible and swim towel wet when rolling around in his backpack, because it DOESN’T SWEAT.  My DD (7) fills hers up every chance she gets so that she has a ready supply of ice cold water to drink wherever we go.

The other day my mother came over to swim in the pool and brought her own water bottle along.  During her visit, we discovered, quite by accident – when one fell out of the cup-holder section of the floats we were sitting in, that in addition to keeping our water ice cold, they also FLOAT!  So now, our water bottles double as pool toys.

The colored bands you send make it easy to figure out whose water bottle is whose when it’s time for a drink.  We just make sure we seal ’em up extra tight after sipping to avoid allowing any of the pool chemicals to seep in!

Thanks again for such a wonderful product!

FlyLady here: This is so funny! It is important to stay hydrated while you are swimming!  I don’t go anywhere without my water bottle.



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