Purple Rags Clean Up Hairspray

Dear FlyLady,

Did you know that hairspray can remove ink from fabric?  I know this because when I was in high school my younger sister came home from school one day and she and her friends had drawn all over her brand new ($50 Guess) jeans with ink.  Someone told my mother to spray hairspray on the jeans to get the ink out and it worked.

Are you wondering why I’m telling you this?  Because your purple rags bleed lovely purple ink every time I use them on my bathroom floor.  It finally dawned on me that they bleed again (when they no longer do for any other task) because of all the hairspray they are picking up with nothing but plain old water.

We have two women and a 10 year old girl getting ready every morning in our bathroom so that’s a lot of hairspray on the floor!  I’ve tried for years to find something that effectively cleaned the floors.  Everything else made the floors feel like it was clean until it dried and then it was sticky and filmy again.  Your purple rags leave my floor squeaky clean with just water.  Well, squeaky clean until the hairspray bomb goes off again tomorrow morning.  You’ve taught me not to worry about that though – it’s clean for now and will be clean again soon if I just stick to my routines.

Thanks for everything you do.  I love your advice, especially about letting go of perfectionism.  I used to let my bathroom go until I couldn’t stand it one bit because I thought I had to do it all at once.  Now I realize I can swish and swipe in the mornings and do the other things (like the floor) in small, manageable blocks of time.

FlyBaby C in MD

FlyLady here: I broke out a new pack of purple rags the week before Thanksgiving. I put one in my bathtub and one to wash dishes with till all the purple comes out.  I had no idea that they would release more purple dye when exposed to hairspray but that makes sense! Some folks rinse their rags in vinegar to set the dye. I just like to rinse it out with hot water. I think salt water will work too.

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