I’m A Thief

Dear FlyLady,

I need to confess that I’m a thief. And want to make amends by thanking all of you who have innocently shared your ideas for me to steal! I don’t remember who wrote what, but seldom a day passes without me using an idea from you and other FlyBabies.

These two in particular made a difference for me, changing a task from a challenge into a routine, that has now become an easy habit.

1.  Adding dish wash when I empty the dishwasher, instead of having to find and add it when I am tired at end of day.  I absolutely love that my last task at night in kitchen is to simply turn on the dishwasher without having to open the door again! I now never say the dishwasher is empty, never mark the task complete, until I have added the next load’s dish wash 🙂

2. Using the extra thermos cords to hang my rubba fly tools!  Wow! And already had a line of hooks in my broom closet –  not used because handles didn’t fit! What a difference this has made. I have looped and hung not only my rubba tools, but also my smaller dustpans, etc. I just now grabbed one for a quick chore and said thank you, thank you again, for making it easy to find without scrambling through the floor bucket that used to hold them!

Speaking of broom closet ease: when my kitchen shelving was replaced, there was no room except for a short broom closet, just short of correct height for brooms/mops without struggling to squeeze in at a wasteful angle.  But then you came out with the adjustable handled mop/broom and now everything fits so nicely into my little closet.  I feel so happy when I open it..everything neat, easily accessible. It’s shameful pride, I know, but I have often, accidentally of course, had to open my little closet door when guests are around..and forced to listen to their compliments on how cute it looks and how well it works without clutter!

There are too many other examples for this time, but will continue later to report back about other successful steals.  And my conscience is eased that I can admit, and know you will be pleased that I continue to read and get  what I need to make the program work for me.   Please, everyone, keep those ideas coming. I am soaking them up!! Thank You!

FlyBaby Way in MA

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