It Must Be Broken

Dear FlyLady,

I have dabbled with your system for years. Never really got all the parts working at once. I have struggled with working night shifts and trying to decide when to do what. Just the bits that I have been doing –morning routine, shining my sink, swish and swipe, making my bed-have made a huge difference. I could never decide when to fit in the Weekly Home Blessing.

I have several of the tools from the FlyShop.

I love most of them but have a complaint about my timer. It is broken and does not keep the proper time. This morning I decided to just dust for 10 minutes with my FlyLady feather duster.

I dusted the downstairs hall, living room and dining room, leaving the built in bookcases for last because I would probably run out of time. Well, I finished all that so, I decided to dust upstairs hall and bedroom. Finished that. Hmmm. Dusted the pictures in the stairway, the wrought iron banisters, the light fixtures, ceiling fan…..I am running out of things to dust and the timer has not gone off!

Finally I hear it ring. Now obviously this thing is not working correctly LOL!

Thanks so much!

FlyBaby D


FlyLady here: No, the timer is NOT broken! LOL!

The FlyLady feather duster gathers up the dust quickly! You can dance through your home and dust! Then you can take the feather duster outside and shake it out….you are blessing the world.

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