We Have A Control Center, Too!

Dear FlyLady,

I recently purchased my new 2017 Flylady calendar and I wanted to thank you so much for providing a wonderful tool!  This is my third year of using the FlyLady calendar and I can’t begin to describe how much peace it has brought to our family.  I have the calendar posted right next to the telephone and a large dry-erase board on our kitchen wall.  This area is “control center” for us!

When I get my new calendar, I place the old and new calendars side by side and spend 15 minutes transferring birthdays and anniversaries. Then comes the fun task of placing the cute stickers on!  I also keep my children’s school calendar in the back slot so it’s a breeze to post all the school holidays.

My family has gotten in the habit of writing down every special event, appointment and sports activity.  We use our dry-erase board to write phone messages and reminders.  Before I erase any important phone numbers from the board, I copy them onto the notes areas of the calendar.  Now I will have that phone number for the rest of the year!  Not only does my life run more smoothly, I’m also teaching my children how to manage their lives.

I encourage everyone to add the FlyLady calendar to their home.  Put it in a highly visible area and let it bring peace to your family!

FlyBaby V
Flying in Oregon

FlyLady here: Having your calendar in a center location helps your family learn how to use a calendar. Have you been procrastinating about ordering your calendar. Don’t wait another day!



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