Always Hated Dusting

Dear FlyLady,

I’m 56 and have h-a-t-e-d dusting ALL of my life.

My mom was very ill most of my kid years and I had to dust. Hated it. When I got married and we started a home, I knew I HAD to dust. I hated it. Now in my ’empty nest’, I had let go of dusting -even while ‘flluttering’. Hated it. I bought your feather duster and dusting became ‘bearable’. I try to concentrate on the pretty feathers.

BUT!!!!!! Yesterday I received my new, shocking pink FlyLady dusting mitt – I LOVE IT! I had to write you and tell you—I dusted the whole house this morning AND L-O-V-E-D it!!!! I smiled and even giggled the whole time!!!!! It was so pretty and works EXTREMELY well.

I can’t believe that I actually ENJOYED dusting today! This has been the biggest part of my routines and ‘blessing’ that I have let go because it was icky. Now it’s NOT!!


Cel in PA


FlyLady here: The right tool will help you bless your home.  We love the FlyLady feather duster and it has a place in our daily routines.

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