Could Not Put It Down



This is one of the most intricate, imaginative and entertaining books I have read in quite some time. The author is obviously a genius and or a thorough researcher with a vivid imagination and a compelling writing style. There is one loose end – the whereabouts of the head of security. I certainly hope that means there will be a sequel!


I’m not much of a book reviewer – but I did like this book and would be interested in any new books by the same author. Robert Cilley is the husband of founder Marla Cilley, if one happens to know about her, but even if you don’t, this book is a fine read. It’s mind-candy – not too complicated, with a plot line that interweaves the lives of many people, dead and living, in USA and international locations, with lawyerly humor, pseudo-science, a spirituality I have not usually read about, young love, dysfunctional family, pets who are loved, government conspiracy, with military agencies clashing with secret research facilities, and a sweet tender beginning of romance. I hope I haven’t given too much of the plot away – but this reads fairly fast, a good easy summertime read, and if you don’t like this review, then… order the book, read it, and write a better review!!

I bought the dead tree edition because I’m a Luddite like that, but I believe there is also a Kindle version.

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