Got The Spot Out

Dear FlyLady,

Like most others, this is my first testimonial. I have been flying off and on for a little over 4 years now. I’m trying to get my house in order (which isn’t always easy with a 3.5 year old and 4 month old) because we will be having people over after my son’s Christening.

I ordered my Rags in a Bag a couple of weeks ago. I had not done much with them, but today while the kids were napping I took one out and wet it to try it out. I started with my back door, which is covered in dog nose prints and fingerprints. I was amazed!!! Just a tiny bit of water on that window, not a streak, and it’s never looked cleaner!

I decided then to try to use it on a spot on the wall where my 105 pound German Shepherd likes to lay. I’ve tried other things to get the dirty looking spot off of that wall, and nothing ever worked.  Well the Rags in a Bag cleaned the spot right up! I was so impressed! Now I’m looking around for other things to clean with the purple Rags in a Bag!

Thank you so much!

FlyBaby Michelle in Indiana

FlyLady Emily here: I, too, love these amazing rags! They seem to clean up
anything! They are gorgeous and fun to use! Don’t forget to read the washing instructions on our website before using! The color of the cloth is so deep that we highly recommend that you wash them before you use them. Enjoy!

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