Something Amazing Happened

Dear FlyLady,

I have been fluttering for about a year and had some frustrations, after all my house was not p*rfect. But then something amazing happened. My brother is going to get a birthday card from my family and I before his actual birthday!!!!

Here’s the steps.

1. When I was PLANNING my grocery trip, I CHECKED my calendar for the list of stuff we need and noticed my brothers birthday was in ten days.

2. I went right to my list and wrote birthday card on my LIST.

3. Since I planned the actual amount of time it takes me to shop and did not have to rush, I was able to select the perfect card at my leisure.

4. When I got home, AS SOON as the groceries were unpacked I grabbed a pen (I knew right where one was) had my family sign it and put it in the envelope.

5. (This final step is a miracle.) I, of course, needed his address. I sighed and thought well there goes that because I can never find my address book. But then a gentle inner voice said that I knew exactly where it was, AND I DID! I wrote his address, decorated it, put a stamp on it (we actually had stamps in the house and I knew where they were!) and put it on my LAUNCH PAD to be mailed in the morning.

6. The next morning I sent it off with a kiss.

My dear FlyLady, things have changed in more ways than I can count! Thank you for this incredible experience!

Seeing flying in my future,

Emily from Florida
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