A New Way To Dust

Dear FlyLady,

I am a stay at home FlyBaby, but my husband and I are in the middle of a project that takes me out of the house frequently. I am in a quandary because I long to be home decluttering and getting my house in order, but when I am home alone at last and can get to work, I get overwhelmed and terribly lonely. My mother passed away this spring and she and a lot of other people are missing from my life for various reasons. Lonely again today, I stood in the middle of my house and thought, “I need to make this place feel like a party is going on.” I saw our seldom used CD player. I grabbed some CDs that were my mother’s. Fighting the bad feelings that try to crowd my mind, I put in Strauss.

Voila! I don’t even remember getting my feather duster. I was literally dancing a ballet around my living room dusting. Then, I was in the next room and the next, dusting things I never dust. Remembering the people connected to those things; the really nice telephone company guy, friends, and my mom. The music would change and I’d be marching down the hall to bless the world with my duster, holding it as a torch as I went. Next time it was a bouquet. And on and on I went for three, four, then five songs or maybe more. And then I found the beauty of being here alone. As long as no one saw me, I was the most beautiful dancer in the world! (I refrained from looking in the mirrors I dusted.) And no one was there to laugh at my silliness. My perfectionism flew away as I kept with the music. I didn’t worry I was spreading dust around or that I wasn’t shaking out my duster enough. I just dusted and when I left the room, I took a bow. It was fun and it got done! Thank you FlyLady!

Duster Flying in Iowa!

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