I’m A Skeptic No More

Dear Flylady,

I’ve always used the kind of microfiber cloths that have a velour appearance. I have some that are soft on both sides and some that are scratchy for scrubbing on one side. My husband, who does a lot of cooking, has absolutely hated them, because if they were dry they just pushed the water around – they were almost water repellent. They had to be saturated, then wrung out, before they’d work.

But I ordered the purple rags when you had the BOGO last fall, and they do absorb even when dry. Yesterday while cooking lunch he said, “Now this purple rag is what I’m talking about. It really wipes stuff up when you need it to. This is a good rag.” So guess what will be staying in the sink from now on!

I was skeptical when I first opened them because they’re so smooth, but they really do grab everything, usually in one swipe. I don’t know how they can work better than terrycloth, or a microfiber with more texture, but they really, really do! I’m a skeptic no more!

I’ll be watching for another BOGO so I can buy more.

Thanks for all you do for us,

A Utah Flybaby
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