Had to Add to My Collection

Dear FlyLady,

This is not so much a testimonial as much as an I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS email! I just ordered your feather duster and detail duster and I LOVE to dust now! Before I used a rag and pledge but it always irritated my eczema on my hands and my sinuses. Fixed that problem! My 9 year old dd loves to dust too. She practically begs me to dust. Lol!

I also reordered some purple rags to add to my collection because they are THE BEST! I will never use any other rag ever, so please don’t ever stop selling them or I will cry purple puddles (and I won’t have anything to clean them up with)! Thank you for taking the time to test the things you sell.

– Army wife flybaby, flying in Oahu- Chloe H.







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