Don’t Pass This One By

This book was very inspiring, but you have to read it all the way through the end to get the full effect. I had a home in total CHAOS just 20 days ago, and by using the FlyLady’s system, as referenced in this book, my house now looks like a new clean house and I have decluttered and donated over 35 big trash bags worth of things I no longer love, use, or need.I don’t feel guilty about the money I spent on those items, I am just happy to bless another family with them. And I pray that when it comes my turn to need something for my family similar to the things I gave away that God would bless me with those things. This is a wonderful book, and a beautifully put together piece of writing if you have an open mind and open heart for real change in your life. Don’t pass this one up. I bought the Kindle edition and was very happy with my choice. It’s clutter-free!Dear Friends,

Hidden Treasures was written by my sister Paddi, her daughter Jessica, and their friend Ken Hartley. Currently, Hidden Treasures is available in paperback and on Kindle through Check out this beautiful story and jump right in to FLY.


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