December Habit #24 New Activity

Dear FlyLady,

I am not sure if this comes under your category of Pampering, but it is what I am doing this year.  Our Christmas is very upside down this year, due to a lot of reasons, and so we are not having a large Family Christmas.  As a result I suggested and DH agreed, to doing a couple of special never done before activities.  The first was to hostess a Christmas Tea for some lady friends, which we held yesterday.  The pampering part was finally putting to use the lovely china cups & saucers and tea plates as well as the silver cutlery.  It has been a long time since they came out of the display cabinets and it was lovely!  Everybody really enjoyed it!!

The second activity is we are hosting a Children’s Christmas Party on Saturday.  It is the only way we will be able to have all the grandchildren together along with a few friends’ grandchildren.  Now that the little ones are all old enough, this should be fun for all.  We decided that we want to do this for ourselves and the children.  I call this pampering as we set the dates in a timely order to keep my stress levels down and to make what was looking to being a very bleak non-Christmas into a very fun and enjoyable time.  One activity will be to have the children decorate our tree for us! 🙂

I am still trying not to feel a little selfish as we are doing what we want and setting the perimeters, but it is making us happy and feeling like family is still here with us for Christmas.

Your now toddling FlyBaby in Alberta,


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