December Habit #26 A Very Simple Addition

Dear FlyLady,

I have been fluttering for about 3 months now. I watched the intro video, signed up for the emails, and then jumped in with the morning and evening routines as outlined in the headers of the emails, not knowing yet about babysteps, but that worked for me. I always remember to pack a lunch for my oldest, who is in kindergarten, and almost always remember to put out clothes for the next day, which means I get dressed first thing when I get up (unless one of my kids needs me right away). Sometimes I’m tired and stumbling around and start doing something random, but remind myself to look at my morning checklist in the control journal I’ve started or the heart-shaped post-it notes on my bathroom mirror. Doing my morning routine in order makes my day get off to a great start. Ideally I get up before my three small children to get a few things checked off the list, but I’m also fortunate in that my husband will often take care of the kids for a bit while I swish and swipe and put in a load of laundry. He adjusted to more clutter in moving in with me and is very pleased with the changes since I discovered FlyLady.

The pampering I have started recently is a very simple addition to my household tasks. My hands have started getting really dry, so before doing dishes I put on hand cream and then dishwashing gloves. Then I am taking care of myself while doing the dishes, and, in the evening, wiping down the stove and counters with my purple rags, one wet and one dry, and then shining my sink.

Thank you for all that you do.

FlyLady Rebecca here: If you have Pampered yourself this month, send us an email to inspire other FlyBabies! Send an email to with PAMPERED in the subject line. I will post it in the December Habit so keep a lookout for your testimonial!

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